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Volvo P1800S 1963

This Volvo P1800S came to us to be colour changed back to the original manufacturers colour. It had been painted in a Silver Metallic many years previous which was a non standard colour.

It was a complete vehicle strip down to basically a rolling shell and whilst the engine and transmission were removed the customer took the opportunity to ask us to refinish these in Volvo engine red as original.

The body shell was then prepared for refinishing to include exterior,interior,boot and engine bay.All repairs were given a 2K Surfacer and well flatted a 2K Sealer was applied and all the body was re seam sealed for water ingress protection.The vehicle was then given three coats of 2K direct gloss.All the body box sections and cavities were wax protected and the engine and transmission were then refitted together with exterior and interior trim to give the outstanding results that you can see together with the concourse paint finish.

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